Advice from Successful people

Advice from famous people!

Sometimes in our lives we need some inspiration, so why not from the famous people who can share their priceless experience and advice with us, which can change our life whether it’s about happiness, wealth, success or leadership.


From the richest. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, for many years swapped the title of “richest man” between them. Gates admired Buffett for keeping things simple-from his calendar to reasons for buying companies as well as for his ability to boil things down, to just work on the highest that really counts, to think through basics, it’s so amazing.”

2. TIME  

From the icon.  Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple, said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it livings someone else’s life.” He believed life was too short to be wasted on the frivolous, like confirming to other people’s opinion or thoughts as well as What is important is to be guided by one’s dreams and intuition.

3. SAY YES       

From the CEO. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google for a decade, advises, “Find a way to say yes to things.” Saying yes to travel, meeting people, learning stuff pushes you out of comfort zone, creates new experiences and makes a difference to many lives. It gets you new jobs and also builds families.


 From the writer. J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter books, says, “You will fail. That’s inevitable. It’s what you do with it.” She should know. From being jobless as a single parent, she began writing and went on to become one of the richest women in the world and author to become a billionaire from writing.


From the exuberant. Sir Richard Branson, the cheerful energetic founder of the Virgin group, learnt from his mother that setbacks are a learning curve and thus not bad. He is shocked by the time people waste repenting their failures instead of redirecting that energy. “Never look back in regret. Move on to the next thing.”Click here to know more about us!

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